SACRED HEART SCHOOL is open to parents and endeavours are made to involve parents, in a meaningful way, in the life of the school.

Parents can be involved through formal structures such as the Parents' and Friends' Association, or through involvement in normal school activities, such as

  • Chess Club
  • Hearing reading
  • Language program
  • Sporting programs - e.g. athletics
  • Swimming / Cross country
  • Football / Netball
  • Maths program
  • Art
  • Book covering
  • Gardening
  • Excursions

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Children are admitted at the beginning of the year in which they are five years of age, on or before 30 April of that year, and it is encouraged that children previously attend kindergarten. Parents are required to present their child's Birth Certificate, Immunisation Certificate and (when applicable) a Baptismal Certificate.

Families wishing to enrol at Sacred Heart are expected to support the aims and expectations of all school policy statements. Whilst the primary school's aim is to provide a Catholic Education to Catholic families, families of other denominations are encouraged to apply for enrolment.

Where enrolment expectations exceed the positions available at the school the Enrolment Priority Criteria will be adhered to and can be located in the information tab. 

The final decision regarding the acceptance of enrolment applications lies with the school principal.
Non-Catholic children are admitted to the school with the understanding that they participate fully in the Religious Education Program.

The Transition of Prep grade children will be conducted each year. This normally occurs in mid November and usually starts with a visit organised by the kindergarten. This will include parental participation. 

The following timeline applies to 2022 enrolments;

  • Applications forms will be made available from May 2nd, 2022
  • Application forms MUST be submitted prior to June 17th, 2022.
  • Sacred Heart Primary will notify parents of the status of your child's enrolment application by August 12th 2022.
  • Parent MUST accept enrolment agreement prior to August 26th, 2022