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Sacred Heart Primary School is deeply committed to nurturing the whole child, emboldening them to reach their own personal best, empowering them to become life-long learners, while celebrating their uniqueness and strengths.


  • Be Bravely Creative - to think innovatively, intentionally and by design and to have the ability to be reflective and expressive.
  • Think Critically - through proactive problem solving, higher order thinking and learning from inquiry.
  • Collaborate Intuitively - with high levels of emotional intelligence, operating as skilled communicators, prepared to navigate their journey with empathy and social accountability.
  • Be Globally Minded - think independently, and are engaged in what matters and who understand social injustices and international influences.
  • Be Connected - connected to one’s self, others, our Mercy Values and our community.
  • Be Academically Inspired - to be lifelong learners, embracing the opportunity to learn whenever it is presented both in education and in life.
  • Have True Resilience - show grit, agility and a positive attitude to change, and its impact. To recover forward, along with the ability to rise to any challenges when the need arises.
  • Be Culturally Sensitive - to embrace differences, build respectful relationships and be advocates for social acceptance in the Mercy tradition.