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Non-Government schools do not receive full funding from the State and Federal Government and there has always been the expectation that parents will pay fees and contribute to the cost of operating their school.

Fees and levies are set taking into account the budgetary requirements of the school and the needs-based policies of the CECV.

The Family Fee assists in meeting the operational running expenses of the school such as utilities, resources and specialist programs. 

The Curriculum, Stationery and ICT Levy is charged to meet student classroom requisites and other curriculum costs. It covers all facilities and resources students require for their learning including intranet and internet access, e-learning facilities, printing and resources required to maintain hardware and software requirements. 

The Capital Fee is to cover, in particular, the provision and maintenance and ongoing improvements of buildings and for meeting the debt servicing needs of the school. 

The Camps, Sports, Excursions and Incursions Levy is charged based on planned camps/excursions and sports programs offered for the following year. All camps and excursions are compulsory and vary at all year levels. 


2024 Family Fees 

Family Fee   

1 Student                   $1300.00

2 Students                 $1510.00 

3 or more Students    $1715.00

Curriculum, ICT & Stationery Levy

Prep $400.00

Year 1 $500.00

Year 2 $500.00

Year 3 $500.00

Year 4 $500.00

Year 5 $650.00

Year 6 $650.00

Capital Fee

$250.00 per family

Sports, Excursions and Incursions Levy

Prep $145.00

Year 1 $145.00

Year 2 $165.00

Year 3 $165.00

Year 4 $100.00

Year 5 $110.00

Year 6 $140.00

Camps Levy

Year 4 $355.00

Year 5 $405.00

Year 6 $550.00

Payment of School Fees is expected by the end of each year.

Instalment options are weekly, fortnightly, monthly, per term or on an annual basis.

Our preferred method of payment is via Direct Debit.or EFT.