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The school is serviced by PTV country buses.

All children travelling on buses are dropped off and picked up in the bus zone at the basketball court area. There is always one or two teachers on duty after school, to supervise this exit. Should a young child be travelling home this way, we will pair them up with a ‘buddy’ until they are confident.

Families wishing to arrange Bus Travel must seek prior approval from Yarrawonga College P-12 at least 24 hours before travel is required.

This also applies to Ad Hoc school bus travel. All school buses are currently close to or at capacity and although ad hoc travel can usually be managed, it is certainly not guaranteed.

Paperwork needs to be submitted and approval sought from both the School Bus Program Coordinator (Yarrawonga College P-12) as well as the bus operator to ensure there is room on the bus and that accurate travel records are maintained in case of emergencies/incidents.

The Bus application form and Adhoc travel form can be downloaded here PTV Bus Forms.

Once completed, the form needs to be submitted to Yarrawonga College P-12 for processing and approval.

Yarrawonga College P-12 will notify you directly once travel is approved.

Registered bus travellers are only registered for their own bus, so all registered bus travellers needing to utilise a different service from their usual bus are also required to complete an Ad Hoc Form and submit to Yarrawonga College P-12 at least 24 hours prior to travel.

Please note that ad hoc travel can only be managed for Victorian travel through the School Bus Program Coordinator. Students that need to utilise NSW Buses will need to make arrangements via Transport NSW

Please do not hesitate to contact the office on 57443339 if you have any questions or require assistance.