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The Leadership Centre ( Year Five/Six) 

P1000210 copy

Learning Spaces

Lynne Lawless (5L)

Lauren Ross & Caitlin Seymour (5RS)

Alisha O'Dywer (5O)

                        Isobel Connell  (5C)


Rebecca Bridgeman (6B)

Kate Trembath (6T)

Xavier Kennedy (6K)


Learning Support Officer/s

Danni Blick & Madonna Flanagan Year 5)

Kellie Ramsdale (Year 6)



Leadership 12



The Bridging Centre (Year Three/Four) 

P10000601 copy

Learning Spaces

Kellie Cowan & Meg Bonat (3BC)

Monica Brewer (3B)

Brianna Schutt (3S)


 Maureen McLarty & Nikki Connell (4M)


Marly Fountain & Nikki Connell (4F)

Dean Carroll (4C)



P1000060 copy22

Learning Support Officer/s

Emma Sinclair (Year 3)

Katrina Carpenter (Year 4)





P1000060 copy1

The Discovery Centre (Year One/Two)

Discovery 41

Learning Spaces

Mikaela Newton (1N)

 Kristy Hargreaves & Lisa Dishot (1H)

 Sarah Wollington (1W)


Discovery 411

Erica Bolton / Lisa Dishot (2BD)

Jennifer Sagaidak (2S)

Deanne Fraunfelder (2F)



Learning Support Officer/s

Michelle Barry (Year 1)

Melanie Kelly (Year 2)


Discovery 4 copy


The Foundation Centre (Prep)

P1000101 copy.jpg

Learning Spaces

Jo Seal (Prep S)

Kayte Runnalls (Prep R)

Danielle Lombardi (Prep L)



Learning Support Officer/s

Karen Phillips

                                   Paige Bourne



P1000100 copy.jpg