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Parent Volunteers

At Sacred Heart we value the contribution of vulunteers and we invite our school families to be part of our learning community.

Parents are invited to participate in classroom literacy, numeracy and integrated programs, working bees, fund raising, excursions and camping programs.

We value the strong link between home and school and encourage this partnership with our school community. 

There are many ways for you to participate in school life and we do urge you to react to notices sent home and to join in and make it our school not the school. We hope you will become as proud of our school as we are. 

Volunteer Definition:

A parent or caregiver who assists students and/or Sacred Heart Staff in any capacity, both on and off site. 

Examples of assisting include:

  1. Listening to children other than your own read a book
  2. Being a helper on an excursion
  3. Helping at an event such as Athletics Day or Mother's Day Stall
  4. Being a guest speaker

ALL Volunteers are required to adhere to Sacred Heart Child Safe Code and Conduct, Child Safe Policy and Volunteer Policy.

ALL volunteers are required to provide a current Working With Children's Check along with completing the application, interview and induction process.

Do I need a WWCC to enter Sacred Heart School grounds?

No, although we strongly encourage all parents and caregivers to apply for a Working with Children Check and register it with the school to assist us in continually promoting a child safe environment.  It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure our students are safe and feel safe at all times.