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Provision of the best possible teaching, to ensure the greatest learning opportunity for each child in our care. 
  • Focussed.
  • Targeted teaching through the open and flexible arrangement of personnel, resources, space and time. 
  • Open and Life-giving partnerships of home and school.

Our culture is determined by our dedication and care for our students and school community. Our culture promotes the strong sense of connection to our students, and colleagues, and fosters meaningful collaboration between students, teachers, parents and the wider school community. This culture is underpinned by the core organisational values of:

  • Commitment - being dedicated to our responsibilities both professionally and personally.
  • Excellence - we strive for excellence by aiming to grow personally and professionally through reflection and feedback.
  • Joy - we bring joy to our learners, to our colleagues and to our community.
  • Accountability - we are accountable for nurturing student growth and forming authentic relationships with students and colleagues.
  • Respect - we respect our students, colleagues, parents and our community, by being inclusive, honest and fair.
Teamwork - we support each other through collaboration, positive communication and a unified approach to learning and teaching.